Fun Facts About San Antonio, TX

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How well do you know San Antonio? Whether you live here now or are looking for an apartment or home in San Antonio for your near future, you may find that the city has plenty left to surprise. You already know about the River Walk and Alamo, but here are some fun facts about San Antonio that you probably didn’t know:

1. San Antonio Practically Invented Air Conditioning

Ok, not really, but San Antonio was the first city to have an air-conditioned high rise in the United States. It was also the place of the first hotel and bank to boast air conditioning in the country. Even the first air-conditioned Catholic Church calls San Antonio home.

2. It's Bigger Than You Think

You know San Antonio is big, but did you know that it's the seventh largest city in the country? It's also twice the size of Chicago in terms of land area and is the second largest city in the state. Yes, it is big, and it keeps growing, but that's ok. Everything's bigger in Texas after all, right?

3. It's a Zoo

Not the city itself, but the San Antonio Zoo is quite impressive. Spanning 35 acres with over 3,500 animals, it's the third largest zoo in the nation. It also has an impressive breeding program for endangered species, so plan a visit in the spring when the babies are around!

4. Our Parades Take to the Water

Each year the Texas Cavaliers River Parade takes to the water of the San Antonio River with floats that actually do float. The footpaths of the River Walk will be lined with people who enjoy the April tradition.

5. We have the Country's First Digital Library

If you visit the Bexar County BiblioTech, you will see quite a bit, but you won't see any books. The library is the first and only in the country to have an exclusively digital collection. That doesn't mean you shouldn't visit, though. The computer lab is stocked with iPads and Xboxes, and you can enjoy book clubs or borrow books on e-readers!

Yes, San Antonio is full of surprises. No matter how long you live here, you will always find something new to enjoy. Take some time to get to know your city a little better, and see just how amazing life in San Antonio can be. If you are looking for a new apartment near San Antonio, be sure to schedule a tour at Lookout Hollow!


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