How to Make Your Apartment Look Luxurious on a Budget

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If you have an eye for luxury but a budget built for thriftiness, you are not alone, and you are not without hope. It is possible to decorate an apartment to look high-end without ending up broke, and the following tips will help you to enjoy the finer things without worrying about the final cost.

  1. Go For a Simplistic Look

Often less is more, and that rings especially true when your spending is limited. Luckily, minimalism is in style, so you don’t necessarily need to deck out your dining room with a bar, fancy chandelier, and high-end throw rug. You can accentuate your wooden floors with a finished table and chairs, a large, stylish plant like a rubber plant, and a sleek lighting system for a simple and affordable luxury. Avoid clutter to keep your look chic rather than cheap.

  1. Add On New Hardware

An excellent way to turn a lack-luster apartment into a luxury apartment is to upgrade hardware such as furniture knobs, drawer handles, or kitchen drawer pulls. The upgrade adds a unique, stylish flair to any modern apartment without worrying about excessive cost. Vintage hardware can be found at flea markets, or you can find modern, affordable pieces at any hardware store. They’re quick and easy to change, so the minimal hassle to upgrade will be well worth it.

  1. Hide Your Television

Nothing says tacky like a huge, bulky entertainment stand or a TV sitting front and center in your living room. A TV shouldn’t be the first thing you notice when walking into a room, so try to create an array of art or other d├ęcor around it that pulls the eye from the TV’s unsightly frame.

  1. Find a Centerpiece With a Story

An interestingly shaped sculpture, an upcycled coffee table (refinished, pallet, or a unique addition like a historic newspaper under glass) or an exotic, apartment-friendly plant can transform a boring room into a gathering place for conversation and cocktails. You can incorporate a sense of sophistication or wisdom by adding in an antique piece that catches the eye, and it is often best if these pieces are kept in their original conditions.

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